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Come join Hume

We are building a team of A-players to come together and build products our users love with the goal of helping companies 100x their recruiting, build better teams and understand who to hire and why by enabling a better interview process.

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What's in it for you?

Life is short so it's important to spend time in a context that feels meaningful. We are really trying hard to create that context and culture. Here are some of the things we believe to be essential for that:

Remote First

If you want! Otherwise we are based in Sweden and you are more than welcome - we'll set it up!

Impact & Empowerment

Make a major contribution to how our core product  company are being shaped. The closest you can get to creating a lovable product from scratch or founding a startup of your own.We value every voice.

Async flexibility

Sun is shining? Talk a walk. Need to pick up your kids? Go get them.
These are the benefits of an async work style - and we've embraced it.

Swedish style paid vacation

That means 5 weeks / year. While we’re very serious about our work, and work is very important - so is taking time of and just being. We are in it for the long-term.

Competitive Salary

Money is not the end all be all - but it is important! We don't compromise on compensation

Big Emphasis on Culture

We believe that the most important thing for any company is the team. A culture is the OS of the team and will form whether you design and optimise for it or not.

We believe culture and values are at the core of everything else we do so we are highly aware and intentional on how we want to move through the world.

What we are looking for:

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