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What makes Compact so special?

There are plenty of benefits when using Compact template. We tried to list some of them out.

Save time & resources

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get a nice website just to launch your product.

Easy to customize

Insert your content, details about your product, connect your domain and hit publish. It's simple as that.

Clean & organized

Compact is built as a one-page website. It uses pre-built color & text styles as well as components and interactions. Super easy to modify.

Professional & credible

Just look at it. It's beautiful, easy to setup. It has plenty of benefits and startups are using it. What else do you need to succeed?


Animations & effects

Pre-built animations and effects such as scroll transforms, appear animation, component interactions and more. Benefits? A more dynamic and engaging website that encourages users to explore the site further.

Desktop, tablet & phone breakpoints

We made sure that this template is optimized for viewing on any device, providing a consistent and optimal experience for users regardless of the device they are using.


Color & text styles

Carefully chosen color scheme and text styles guarantees a more polished, professional appearance, making this template more visually appealing to users. It's also very easy to replace with your own font and colors.

Components to keep things organised

Components can be reused throughout a website, reducing the amount of work and in result it is easier to maintain. Thanks to components every little detail is consistent across the entire template.



People love using Compact

Here are some nice things our users have said about our template (totally not fake).

Michael Grass

Product Designer, Apple

With this template it's easy to create a beautiful website in no time. I have been using Compact for some time now and it has been working great for me!

Tom Ward

Senior Art Director, Tesla

I have tried a lot of similar products and Compact is the best! I'll recommend it to everyone for sure 🔥

Julie Choo

Project Manager, Framer

I highly recommend this Framer template. It has been so important for us as we continue to grow our company 🚀


Simple and transparent pricing

We have three options for you, if you just want to get inspired it's completely free.



Perfect for anyone that just wants to get inspired.

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Pay once, use forever

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Built in Framer analytics


Get in touch

If you want that personal touch and maybe custom pages too.

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Custom pages

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Got questions?

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Do I need this template?

Do you want to promote your startup or product in the best way possible? Are you a Framer designer wanting to get inspired? If you answered "Yes" to one of those questions, then there's a big chance that you need this template!

What about other templates?

There are a lot of templates out there, but are they good enough? This one definitely is!

Do you have any other templates?

Good question! We do have other templates, some of which are totally free. If you want to get access to these go ahead and send us a message.