Zoom Call Transcriptions:
Wave Goodbye To Taking Notes, Say Hello To Hiring Speed.

Hume's call transcription software is the best way to record, transcribe, and analyze interviews and hiring conversations to understand who you should hire and why. With integrations with major web conferencing providers like Zoom and Google Meets, Hume makes it easy to get started.

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Hiring and interviewing is both time-consuming and extremely costly

6 Reasons To Use Zoom Call Transcription Software.

These are some of the top reasons for using Hume's Zoom Call Transcription Software.

Build Your One Source Of Hiring Truth

1. Focus on the candidate, not taking notes

Focus on your candidates instead of taking notes. After the call, you’ll get instant access to a transcribed recording of the entire call.

Give a better experience to the people in front of you - focusing a 100% on the conversation at hand and not on scribbling down call details.

Record & Transcribe All Zoom And Google Meet Calls

2. Searchable Calls

Forget deciphering your reps’ notes and hoping you don’t miss a critical call (on Zoom or any other platform). Search across team’s calls from web conferencing. Need to hear how interviewers pitch a role? Not a problem. Want to listen to that 1 on 1 from last week? All at your fingertips.

Build Your One Source Of Hiring Truth

3. Alignment in the team

Record & highlight your interviews and share them with your team to speed up the process and hire the right person faster. Align the whole hiring team and agree on hiring decisions faster, with more ease.

Highlight and instantly share key interview moments internally

Remove the need for repetitive calls and loop in the right hiring stakeholders without additional steps

Record & Transcribe All Zoom And Google Meet Calls

4. Faster onboarding and Training

Record your onboarding meetings - timestamp the important moments and share them with new hires. With Hume's Zoom call transcription software, you will be able to build the ultimate training library for your interviewers.

Build a knowledge hub for your new hires

How does Hume's call transcription software work?

Here are some of the main reasons hiring professionals use Hume's Zoom call transcription software. Once you start capturing and transcription all your hiring conversations, you'll never turn back.

Step 1

Hume Joins Your Interviews

Hume joins your interviews and automatically captures all candidate interactions across Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams (coming soon)

Step 2

Create & Share Highlight Reels And Automated Summaries

Teams can instantly create and share interview highlight reels and get automated interview summaries and question extractions, decreasing #interviews per hire and speeding up time to hire

Step 3

Hiring Decisions Based On Evidence, Not Gut Feelings Or Recall

With your interviews unlocked, you bring evidence into every hiring decision, drive efficiency and collaboration across hiring teams, and give insight into your organization’s hiring practices

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The first 14 days are on us!

Start recording, transcribing and highlighting calls on Zoom and Google Meet and build your own collaborative and searchable platform for all your hiring conversations.

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