Build The Best Team In Half The Time With Recorded, Highlighted, And Shareable Interviews.

Level up your hiring with recorded, transcribed, and summarized interviews on Zoom and Google Meet and share them with your team to hire the right people faster.

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Your Hiring Conversations Are The Engine Behind Building Teams

The Interview Is The Centerpiece Of Your Hiring Process, And Yet It's:


You're making extremely costly hiring mistakes by relying heavily on gut feelings, half-baked written notes, and unclear memories for your hiring decisions.

A Black Box

You have zero insight into who's doing a good job as an interviewer and why.

Unstructured & Inconsistent

Your interviews are often inconsistent and of mixed quality and you're damaging your employer brand and losing out on top candidates.


Your interview process is taking too long, and the best candidates end up at your faster competitors.

Hiring and interviewing is both time-consuming and extremely costly

How Much Is This Really Costing You?

You're making extremely costly hiring mistakes by relying heavily on gut feelings, half-baked written notes, and unclear memories for your hiring decisions


of interviewing and note taking per hire

46% FAIL

of new employees will fail within 18 months


average cost of making a bad hire - the equivalent of 30% of the hire's annual salary

Hire the right people faster and take the candidate experience to another level while saving your team a massive amount of time.

Hume unlocks your interviews and gives you access to the most valuable hiring data yet, allowing you to tap into a goldmine of actionable recruiting data to hire faster, smarter and fairer.

Step 1

Hume Joins Your Interviews

Hume joins your interviews and automatically captures all candidate interactions across Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams (coming soon)

Step 2

Create & Share Highlight Reels And Automated Summaries

Teams can instantly create and share interview highlight reels and get automated interview summaries and question extractions, decreasing #interviews per hire and speeding up time to hire

Step 3

Hiring Decisions Based On Evidence, Not Gut Feelings Or Recall

With your interviews unlocked, you bring evidence into every hiring decision, drive efficiency and collaboration across hiring teams, and give insight into your organization’s hiring practices

Shorter Time To Hire

Flawless Recordings And Transcriptions Of All Your Interviews Ready To Share

Record & highlight your interviews and share them with your team to speed up the process and hire the right person faster. Align the whole hiring team and agree on hiring decisions faster, with more ease.

Highlight and instantly share key interview moments internally

Remove the need for repetitive interviews and loop in the right hiring stakeholders without additional steps

Avoid interview burnout and free up more time for growth as your team spends less total time in interviews per hire

Improve Quality Of Hire

Avoid hiring mistakes by relying less on recall and gut feelings, and more on objective & accessible, interview data.

10x your candidate experience as and provide a consistent, high quality, and fair interview process across roles elevating your employer brand and allowing you to close more top candidates

Drive accountability with recorded interviews and feedback

Build Your One Source Of Hiring Truth

One central place for all hiring knowledge

Unprecedented Insight Into Company-wide Interview Practices.

Instant access to all your hiring knowledge with all your interviews in one searchable repository

Record & Transcribe All Zoom And Google Meet Calls

The Ultimate Hiring Training And Coaching Platform - Your Own

Train, onboard & coach your hiring teams against your winning interview structure. Scale and drive consistency in your culture, and ramp new interviewers faster. Drive better alignment in how you interview and hire amongst teams and functions.

Build a coaching library of best practices and shape anyone on your team into a stellar interviewer, rocketing you ahead of your competitors when it comes to closing top talent.

ATS and Productivity-tool integrations

Get up and running in no time.

Within 5 minutes you and your team will be up and running with Hume. Hume plays nicely with the tools you already use.

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The first 14 days are on us!

Start recording, transcribing and highlighting calls on Zoom and Google Meet and build your own collaborative and searchable platform for all your hiring conversations.

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